Brand Update

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8th December 2021

Mentoring has never been more important. 

National Mentoring Day recognises the benefits of mentoring for people of all backgrounds.

To celebrate, we have an exciting update to share.

We are proud to announce that MyKindaFuture has rebranded as Connectr.

MyKindaFuture was built upon the belief that every person should have equal power and opportunity to shape their future. Now, as we emerge from the pandemic, the spirit of connection is vital to deliver great impact to people of all backgrounds.

As Connectr, we have evolved our vision.

Connectr helps businesses build a sense of belonging with all people, from candidates to employees, and create a culture where everyone is included, through a mentoring platform that makes a difference.

The Connectr Advantage

  • We form human connections at scale between your business, future talent and employees.
  • We turn your D&I strategy into reality by tailoring the user experience to nurture and champion inclusion.
  • We deliver a platform that’s loved by the people who use it. We put the ‘human’ back in HR.

We’re very excited about our new chapter and cannot wait to share the impact we’ll continue to deliver to the people who need it most.

Alongside all of our partner organisations, networks, schools, colleges, universities and more – we can’t wait to continue our journey in making a real difference.

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