2022: The year of mentoring

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26th January 2022

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We know that people who feel like they belong contribute more to a business and remain longer than those who don’t. But, too many organisations are still failing to recognise this. So, where does mentoring technology come in?

The Problem

Connectr’s latest research shows:

  • 16 million UK employees don’t feel like they belong within their current company.
  • 72% of these are considering leaving their role within the next 12 months.
  • Which means 11.5 million people are thinking of resigning in 2022.

The competition for talent is stronger than ever, with 2.7m UK job vacancies recorded in November. Retention strategies are becoming increasingly important – employers can’t afford to lose their talented people (plus undergo time-consuming and expensive replacements).

For businesses who haven’t yet lost their talent, the growing lack of belonging is seeing reduced engagement, motivation and productivity, denting their employer brand.

The Cause

Employee belonging has always driven a happy, motivated and productive workforce. But since the pandemic, employees’ priorities have shifted and emotional benefits are now more valuable than ever.

43% of people now prioritise feeling valued over financial incentives like bonus schemes and health insurance.

The magic of mentoring for 2022

So how can businesses create an inclusive culture and community where everyone belongs? Enter: mentoring.

When delivered with purpose, mentoring supports employee progression, development and retention. 97% of those with a mentor believe they are valuable. And, mentees are promoted 5x more often than those without a mentor.

Leveraging mentoring technology enables inclusion to be built and maintained with all employees and at scale. It’s also key for restoring important connection in the ongoing remote working world. Our research found nearly half of employees reported digital support platforms and mentoring programmes drove their sense of belonging during the heights of the pandemic.

Implementing effective mentoring

Good news! We’ve done the leg work and created a report that details the science behind mentoring that works. Download your free copy and explore how mentoring can create your people’s happy place for 2022.