Attracting early talent in a disconnected world


26th May 2021

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Youth unemployment is rising while young peoples’ confidence in their future career paths is falling, and the future of the workplace has evolved rapidly. How can organisations form meaningful strategies to attract and engage early talent?


These are unprecedented times and it is crucial employers actively build and nurture the skills, confidence and career trajectory of incoming talent. This enables diverse young people to transition from education to employment with confidence in a virtual world, and reach their potential in a role that’s right for them.


But how can employers implement meaningful attraction strategies that support young people of all backgrounds into their future roles, and rebuild the human connection in an ongoing disconnected world?


Connectr’s online platform, provides candidates with personalised, ‘always-on’ support that instills a sense of belonging across the application journey, through to once in role. A combination of digital mentoring and bespoke learning content prepares young people to enter the workplace, ignites excitement about their next steps, and demonstrates the key values and culture of the business, so they feel part of the community before they begin the role. Candidates are provided the element of choice when connecting with a mentor, who can support them through each step of their journey to gain deeper insight into the organisation. So they’ll know right away if it’s the right fit for them.


Mentoring is crucial in instilling a sense of belonging through providing a critical human link between young people and the company, especially during early talent attraction strategies. 79% of millennials see mentoring as crucial to their career success, and 89% of those who have been mentored will go on to mentor others – creating a cyclical culture of learning and development within the business.


Employer partners using our candidate engagement platform have seen over 30,000 mentor/mentee interactions, plus an 84% mentor engagement rate. 94% of candidates have found the advice provided by their mentor incredibly useful.

Once matched with a mentor, young people are supported on everything from identifying the right role and preparing for an interview, through to settling into their positions during the first few months.


The current climate presents a crucial opportunity for employers to re-address how to meaningfully attract and engage early talent. Through leveraging technology as a force for good, organisations can re-build the human connection with their incoming candidates so they arrive in the business prepared, excited and feeling like they belong.


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