Cisco & Connectr: Socially Responsible Corporate of the Year

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16th February 2022

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“A brilliant initiative serving underrepresented people in the tech sector.”

At the 2022 West London Business Awards, Cisco in partnership with Connectr, proudly won Socially Responsible Corporate of the Year.

Cisco’s Pathways Programme, delivered by Connectr, is designed to improve diversity within the technology sector by knocking down the existing barriers disadvantaged young people face to enter the industry.

The Pathways Programme drives awareness and insight of available career paths within the sector, alongside access to existing role models for young people to identify with and envisage how they can succeed in their future.

Cisco and Connectr’s partnership delivered impressive results by the end of 2021:

  • Over 1,000 underrepresented 11-14 year olds impacted
  • Over 4,000 teachers received STEM learning resources
  • 198 volunteer engagement hours provided
  • 22 workshops delivered
  • 92% of students left feeling better informed about a future career in tech

And we didn’t stop there. Pathways also won ‘Best Educational Programme’ at the 2021 Corporate Engagement Awards, and ‘Employability Initiative of the Year’ at the Spark! Annual Awards 2021.

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