Connectr Goes International


29th July 2020

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Franklin Apprenticeships, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is #ChangingTheAmericanWorkforce.

Franklin delivers high-quality employer-led apprenticeships in technology and technology adjacent occupations. Their mission is to ‘Change The American Workforce’ via modern apprenticeships, using a best in class approach to apprenticeship delivery – borrowing from the best aspects of the UK apprenticeship infrastructure.

In particular, their unique Success Framework was built from the concept of UK Assessors, and is a critical element in ensuring successful outcomes for apprentices. The Success Framework is particularly important from a diversity and inclusion standpoint, supporting cultural confidence, retention, and completion rates – levelling the playing field and changing family trees.

Franklin partners with American businesses to build talent pipelines, growing a skilled and motivated workforce. There is an increasing need for apprentices, with a persistent and growing skills gap in the American workforce from retiring baby boomers, and more roles at risk of automation. In addition, with a growing tech sector, how can we prepare the next generation for jobs that don’t yet exist?

‘Highly structured programs that combine traditional education with real-time on the job training, the modern apprenticeship movement is a model of education that meets the demands of today’s economy.’

How and Why Connectr Can Help an International Brand

Connectr is working in partnership with Franklin Apprenticeships to track and support their candidates as they progress through the Franklin Apprenticeship Programme. They wanted to maximise candidate and apprentice engagement and increase retention from inception to program completion.

To deliver results, we’ve created a fully branded version of our candidate engagement platform. Most importantly, the candidates will be supported through their journey, therefore maximising the number who successfully secure and complete an apprenticeship.

Four Stages to Success

By using Connectr’s candidate engagement platform, talent will be:

  • Converted to interview ready, taking them from average to ‘good’
  • Kept warm, sharp, and engaged whilst waiting for interviews
  • Pre-boarded post offer
  • Supported throughout the duration of their apprenticeships

These stages will see individuals go from being a candidate, pre-apprentice, apprentice, and then graduated apprentice.

Utilising the Features

Mentors – To implement these stages, Franklin will be utilising mentors/advisors with diverse backgrounds and experience. So, they will ensure all candidates, pre-apprentices and apprentices are using Connectr’s platform and are coached to success.

Plug and play – Connectr has designed 7 plug and play modules including Resilience, Time Management, Application Advice, Personal Brand, Communication, Confidence & Well-being, and Self Awareness.

Reporting – Franklin Apprenticeships will enjoy monthly reporting on module engagement per candidate and volume of mentor engagements per candidate. This helps to refine the content to ensure maximum engagement and find out which candidates connect strongest with which mentors.

In conclusion, to enable them to deliver a high volume of quality candidates quickly and efficiently, Connectr’s employee engagement platform was the solution they needed. All modules can be adapted to suit the target market, and be fully branded for an immersive, engaged experience.