Future-proofing Your Pre-Boarding Experience


19th May 2020

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2 minutes

Given the current challenges, how are you going to ensure your pre-boarding activities remain engaging? In our webinar last week, we discussed the common issues we’ve been hearing surrounding this, and how you can tackle them with tech.

Common Challenges

  • Drop outs from ‘offer’ to ‘start’. This pushes up overall hiring costs.
  • Time spent on manual ‘keep warm’ activity.
  • Lack of consistency in candidate experience e.g. graduates vs interns.
  • Over-reliance on non-work based tools.
  • Lack of data and insight.
  • Missed opportunities.


The Positive Impact of Nailing Your Pre-Boarding Activity

When you get this part of your hiring strategy right, we know that the candidate experience is stronger. In addition to this, you reduce your internal resources, and increase your talent retention. This is especially true for diverse talent, and you ensure they are excited and engaged before day one.

Talent want to digest information, communicate, build skills and confidence, and create a great impression when they arrive in the role. The more you can do to build them up, during this window, the better. The speed to value will set them up for success, and how quickly they can fit into the company and start delivering.

Maximising retention

With an employee engagement platform that has a mentor function, you can build a sense of inclusivity in your future talent. With a representative diversity split amongst the mentors, mentees will feel a sense of belonging within your workplace.

From our own research, we know that a sense of belonging is imperative to employee retention. We recently found that as many as 80% of employees drop out in the first year of a new role if they don’t feel like they belong. To counteract this drop out rate, you can use mentor interactions and module engagement to get an early indicator of candidate engagement.

Arun Sohan-Pall, final year law student and Connectr user:

Connectr enabled me to secure offers and internships, and enabled me to engage with my peers, and firms. As I live in Birmingham, it removes the geographical restrictions of traditional networking events. Having a mentor who can point you in the right direction is way more valuable and you learn a lot more technical skills than if you had to navigate it on your own as a student. Those questions that seem silly, are necessary for students to ask in a safe space. Before working in a professional environment, you want to feel you’ll fit in, and you’ll inevitably have questions regarding soft skills before you start. You also want to feel confident about applying, and not intimidated. With an insight into the firm and being able to talk to a mentor, you’ll feel so much more confident about how you’ll fit into the workplace.



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