How can mentoring support your employees when working remotely?


16th June 2021

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How can mentoring support your employees when working remotely?

As we continue to work in a predominantly remote climate, businesses need to champion meaningful and long-term strategies to engage their workforce so employees continue to feel motivated and part of a community. We explore peer mentoring as one way organisations can achieve this, and how technology can revolutionise remote peer mentoring programmes.

Mentoring provides a key human connection in an ongoing remote climate – which is more important than ever in engaging, supporting and retaining existing talent. As we look for hope in a ‘post-pandemic world’, it is likely digital mentoring will offer a hybrid solution as employers adapt to the next phase of normality while their employees find their balance between home and office working.

Peer mentoring programmes maintain vital connections, improve morale and performance, and drive retention through embodying a crucial human link between organisations and employees of all backgrounds.

Peer mentors can support employees with practical advice, tools and expertise surrounding their role, but also offer an ‘arm around the shoulder’ for how to manage a work-life balance alongside any other demands and stresses. Peer mentors can also monitor employee wellbeing and report concerns to line managers where necessary.

A mentoring relationship is valuable for both participants and mentors can benefit just as much as their mentees from the power of a virtual connection. 89% of those who have been mentored will go on to mentor others – creating a cyclical culture of learning and development within the business.

Our employee engagement platform enables organisations to deliver meaningful and impactful mentoring programmes to existing talent of all backgrounds. Our team of experts support these programmes to maximise their capability in making a real difference to employees’ lived experience, development and retention.​

Connectr’s technology cleverly matches mentees to recommended mentors, while offering the element of choice to users for who they wish to connect with. Through mentoring, the platform empowers employees to drive their own development and progression to reach their career potential.


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