Meet a ‘Get into Work’ mentor supporting unemployed young people


6th August 2021

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15 minutes

Young people are now 125% more likely to become unemployed than any other age group, as a result of the pandemic. We’re proud to have partnered with organisations who want to make a real difference to the employment prospects of our future workforce. Our mentoring initiative with the Department for Work and Pensions is already supporting the young people who need it most across the UK.

Laurie Eggleston, Associate Director, Employee Benefits Consultancy at Grant Thornton LLP, shares his experience of mentoring 18-24 year olds into work, and how this fits alongside his day-to-day role.

What made you want to play an active role in supporting young people?

“I was very conscious of how young people have borne the brunt of Covid’s impact on the jobs market and felt very fortunate I wasn’t in their shoes, trying to start a career at this challenging time. Mentoring seemed like a small thing I could do to try and help.”

What are some of the highlights of your mentoring role so far?

“One mentee shared his CV with me and I was happy to provide feedback and improve it, sharing my insight as a hiring manager to help them understand the sorts of things recruiters look for and how to best use a CV to demonstrate your strengths. It felt like a really tangible way of supporting someone.”

How do you incorporate this volunteering opportunity alongside your day-to-day role?

“My role is really busy, but responding to a mentee is a nice way to take a break from the day job and do something completely different. Providing someone with useful advice is a great feeling and helps me to mentally re-energise, ready to get back to work.”

What advice would you give to a peer who is considering getting involved?

“Working in a professional environment, we take for granted the skills and knowledge we have. Often it’s the most simple things that you can share with a mentee, who may never have had the opportunity to ask or learn from someone. The advice you give could make a real difference in helping someone find work and change their life for the better.”

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