The Importance of Relationships


30th March 2020

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2 minutes

Without the ability to visibly see your team and chat over the morning tea round, it can be easy to forget to check in. Before Covid-19, we looked into how important a sense of belonging was in the workplace, and whether it was a key marker for employee retention. With subsidised gym memberships, store discounts, and Friday drinks trolleys, what did the modern workforce value more? Now more than ever, we feel the need for connection, and to know we are a key part of the team. This is what our survey found:

  • Of those employees who do feel as though they belong in their company, it took an average of 5 months.
  • For over 20% of workers it took over six months, with some suggesting it took as long as a decade.
  • Only 32% of people feel like they completely belong at their current company.
  • Women are more likely to feel like they completely belong than men.

With 57% of people saying they’re more motivated when they feel a sense of belonging, it’s obvious that it’s one of the major factors companies should consider in their retention strategies.

Almost half of office workers also felt more engaged, more likely to work hard, and more loyal when they sensed they were part of a community.

What are some of the key ways you can instil a sense of belonging in this sudden digital era?

Do you have weekly catch-ups with each team member? Check in with everyone individually, not just to talk work, but to see how they’re enjoying the role, whether they feel their workload is manageable, and to get to know your employees! 47% of people say feeling valued is the second most important work benefit, after salary.

Social engagements may be on our screens for now, but ensure you diarise get-togethers. At Connectr, we have a weekly Friday hang-out where we now get a different insight into each other’s lives that we wouldn’t have had before. Meeting pets and housemates is an unexpected but fun part of the current situation!

Try upskilling with online training modules. If your employees are currently furloughed, this is a great way for them to be able to use this time to gain new skills, learn more about their role, and still feel valued by the company. Investing in their training and learning will add to their sense of belonging, and retain their engagement.

If you’re looking for ways to make your employees feel included and valued but you’re not sure where to start – drop us an email to see how we can help!