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16th May 2022

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The landscape

Individuals from underrepresented groups are often held back by both lack of confidence and networks, plus have infrequent access to the support and guidance they need to secure their future career. This has been further magnified since Covid hit last year.

Our future workforce needs our help. We’re taking action. 

Connectr’s mentoring initiative

Connectr’s mentoring platform has been proved to support underrepresented, and often disadvantaged, people get into work and succeed once there. And since the start of the pandemic, usage has more than doubled.

In March 2021, in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), we launched our mentoring initiative to support young jobseekers into their future role. Connectr is through Jobcentre Plus locations to provide unemployed 18-24 year olds with ‘always-on’ mentoring and employability learning resources to support them into work, including Kickstart placements.

In June 2021, we expanded our mentoring initiative to support all underrepresented people who are either looking for a job or looking to start up a business. This latest addition of ‘start up support’ is run in collaboration with Sage, who joined as founding partner.

Our ambition is to provide access to Connectr in all 639 UK Jobcentre Plus locations and drive real impact to over 4 million people who need it.

Get involved

To make this mission a reality, we need you! We’re looking for partner organisations who share our goal to make a difference. Through additional funding, or by joining forces on new opportunities, we can expand the offer to new geographical locations and customer groups.

Partnership benefits

  • Added value for existing or new employability programmes aiming to help people into work
  • Engaging online employability modules for customers who need further resources or want to access support remotely
  • Access to employers from key growth sectors who are looking to tackle skills shortages
  • Through mentoring, customers can build relationships with employers looking for candidates
  • Ongoing mentoring after securing a job means your customers are more likely to sustain in employment
  • Receive data, insights and impact reporting to add to your own contractual reporting and evaluation
  • Bring innovation to your customer journey


Work together to support the people who need it most, get in touch to join our mission today. 


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