Candidate Engagement

Clifford Chance: Empowering underrepresented young people through tech


Clifford Chance






Clifford Chance wanted to help break down barriers to a career in law for young people from underrepresented backgrounds, as part of the PRIME scheme. The firm partnered with Connectr to provide young people with skills and information platform they may not otherwise have had access to.


Clifford Chance saw Connectr as the ideal solution to support and open doors for early talent. Young people engaged with digital mentors to gain fresh insights, and Clifford Chance were able to use our platform to ensure the content was relevant and useful, and to track user demographics to forecast future recruitment.


With Connectr, young people got a great overall candidate experience, and Clifford Chance were able to retain prospective talent. The firm was also able to see issues and concerns early talent were facing, which they could then address.

Clifford Chance were also able to gain insight into the content users liked, and what they felt could be improved. Using Connectr meant that Clifford Chance had a trackable group of alumni who they could stay in touch with, improving their overall attraction strategy for early talent from underrepresented backgrounds.