Exciting update from Team Connectr


4th September 2023

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I’m extraordinarily pleased to announce a small but important change, here at Connectr.

From our early beginnings as a mission-locked, for-purpose business, we’ve grown and delivered impact in partnership with our clients for almost 15 years. Our driven and dedicated team, and amazing clients, share the same aspiration that have made success possible.

Back in 2008 we began life by delivering employability workshops to students in schools, nurturing under-represented young people into work and helping them thrive when they got there. Years later we grew by broadening our capability to include a Talent Acquisition team, working with large & medium sized employers by recruiting early-in-their-career people into jobs. Then 8 years ago we added a third capability, developing a candidate experience and mentoring platform, designed to increase the diversity of hires and reduce attrition rates for clients by supporting people into roles with the support of brilliantly matched mentors. We’ve embraced significant changes over the years, and we think we’ve played a small but important part in driving change for the better in communities across the UK.

And now is another moment for change at Connectr. Having grown in capability and breadth, we’ve recognised that most of our partners and clients are individual in their needs and individual in their approach, preferring a service that’s just right for them. And that insight has fuelled the catalyst for the important change I alluded to… Maintaining a parent approach at the top, we’ve given each of our three business units greater autonomy, greater identity and greater agility to support each clients’ individual needs. It doesn’t sound like rocket science, but we think it will make a hugely positive difference. We will be splitting into 3 dedicated business units (do give our showcase pages on LinkedIn a follow!):

The energy amongst our team is palpable (they rightly ask me ‘why haven’t we done this sooner!’) Enthusiasm levels peaking, they are full of determination and eager to share the news widely.

Talia will be the MD for our Talent Technology business unit and will continue in her capacity on our Exec as Chief Product Officer/ MD of this unit. Talia has led our Talent Technology  team from inception, her breadth of responsibility growing in line with the rapid success of platform adoption by many of the UK’s largest and most loved brands. Her product prowess and technology know-how galvanise the team and reassure our clients in equal measure. I’m grateful and excited to see Talia gain even greater autonomy, ensuring the happiness of our partners and clients.

Rachel will be the MD for our Talent Acquisition and our Early Engagement business units and will continue in her capacity on our Exec as Chief Operating Officer. Rachel has for more than 10-years been at the heart of Connectr’s social-impact and client-partner success story. An exemplary COO, driven to deliver positive outcomes for every stakeholder, Rachel’s strategic thinking, values-led leadership, and human approach is an inspiration to our teams, partners and beneficiaries. I’m wholly confident and equally delighted that Rachel is taking an expanded role which will undoubtedly deliver even better outcomes for clients, and even more positive impact for communities.

Both Talia & Rachel will be alongside incredibly capable leadership teams who bring incredible expertise to their respective units. I will continue to have overall oversight, and our Board remains unchanged.

We’re still the same Connectr, still driven by the same values, and still with the overarching capabilities. But now with added focus on each of the things we do so well.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Will, CEO of Connectr