Candidate Renege & Decline Calculator

Losing candidates to dropouts or declined offers is a painful process which costs your business time, money and sought-after talent.

And, with candidate reneges costing the Early Talent industry alone £5m per year, alongside 56% of employers reporting reneging to be a significant challenge, Connectr’s Calculator is here to help.

Our talent and technology experts designed this Calculator to enable your business to understand the true costs of reneges and declines from candidates across the whole workforce, and how to minimise them through delivering a world-class experience to future hires.

To find out how much lost talent is costing your business, enter some key figures below. Connectr’s Calculator will then do the clever math and tell you:

  • Your current cost of candidate reneges and declines
  • The % by which you could reduce your current renege rate
  • How much money your business could save in rehiring costs by using a tool like Connectr

Candidate Renege & Decline Calculator

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