Our Purpose

We are an HR technology company founded on our dedication to social change. We’re committed to a double bottom line, where our positive social impact is measured alongside our financial performance.

We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DE&I) is every bit as important as turnover and profit, and we continue each day to work hard to build a business where our values are reflected in everything we do.

This means creating a positive, inclusive, and progressive culture where people come first, and helping our customers on their journeys towards growing their own double bottom lines.

Mentoring and Cultural Development

Companies that focus on their double bottom line are helping to shape strong cultures where employees feel engaged, empowered and appreciated. When team members feel their work is meaningful, a high sense of purpose can be achieved. This reinforces the sense of belonging and confidence of every employee, motivating them to achieve more, together.

We help businesses develop a crucial, positive culture via mentoring. Our software enables senior business leaders to speak directly with more junior team members to understand their perception of the wider organisation, its values, and its purpose.

Our clients invest in mentoring technology so they too can begin to measure a double bottom line and, create a positive culture and a sense of belonging across their teams and departments.

Mentoring enables mentors to provide mentees with the benefits of their knowledge, experience, and perspectives.

Reverse mentoring is ideal for senior professionals, helping them understand new generational concepts and emerging technologies.

Through a better understanding of emerging technologies, and people’s shared values, businesses can build a roadmap for developing a purpose-orientated culture. This is based on a company’s commercial goals but also takes employees’ beliefs, priorities, and career goals into account.

The business leaders who engage with team members throughout their organisation via two-way mentoring programmes, are leading by example and are able to quickly address and address concerns and issues long before they can cause serious problems.

Listening to people and taking notice of their views builds trust and confidence which is key to fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Connectr’s Impact in 2021

In 2021, we engaged with more people than ever before and made an impact we are very proud of!

  • 13,300+ new users across Connectr’s platforms
  • 750+ new digital mentors
  • 35,000+ in-platform messages sent between mentors and mentees
  • 830,000+ platform views
  • 61,400+ tasks completed
  • 87% average task completion rate
  • 4.7/5 average task rating
  • 85% average user engagement rate
  • 50% of Connectr users identify as being from a minority ethnic group
  • 48% of Connectr users identify as female
  • Connectr candidates are 15x more likely to be hired than other candidates.

Looking Ahead

As we move forward, our target is to impact 350,000 people each year!

Celebrating Diversity

Despite progress in the workforce ED&I, as a society, we still have a long way to go. Candidates report feeling held back by factors such as their socio-economic background, lack of opportunity, and access to resources for their future development.

When teams are diverse and inclusive, contributing different skill sets and levels of experience, they feel empowered and company NPS surveys report high rates of productivity and employee satisfaction.

Connectr technology facilitates connections between employees from different backgrounds so they can collaborate and share knowledge which ultimately enriches and progresses the careers of participants. Connectr works with organisations that share the same vision and commitment to helping a company’s team members progress professionally and socially.

Heritage is Behind the Double Bottom Line

Connectr’s technology and services are built upon a heritage in ED&I, specialising in supporting and giving equal opportunity to underrepresented talent.

Connectr’s platforms allow businesses to create a culture of support and belonging to accelerate career paths and ensure equal progression and development opportunities for all.

With a heritage in all things talent, Connectr’s technology and services level the playing field for people of all backgrounds, from candidates to employees.

Connectr enables businesses to prioritise and deliver on their ED&I commitments across all corners of their HR strategy – and reap the benefits of a diverse workforce.

From talent pool to candidate to employee and beyond, Connectr engages, upskills and empowers users through mentoring and learning.

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