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The green workforce transformation

77% of young people currently in education would prefer a job in sustainability

Join our coalition.

Launched on the 1st June 2023, the Coalition bridges the gap between employers need for green-skills, and those in education; the green-workforce of the future.

How have we done it? We’ve brought together leaders in the green skills space, including our partners at Nesta and their latest green-skills research, the Careers & enterprise company and their schools knowledge and reach, and amazing employers committed to hiring Apprentices into green-jobs. In just the first week we’ve had 31 of the UK’s largest employers like National Grid and PwC become coalition Partners, well on our way to our target of 100 employers by year-end, and coinciding with COP28.

We are taking action;

  • Gathering existing research and commissioning new
  • Business case for employers to engage with education now
  • Green skills schools programme, launching in September 2023

If you or someone you know would like to join the coalition, then get in touch. You’ll gain early sight of research, raise your profile, hire early-career people into your vacant roles, and be able to report of progress against your ESG and Sustainability targets.

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Why should you care ?


of young people currently in education would prefer a job in sustainability


of all jobs posted last year required at least 1 green skill


the rate over the last 3 years at which green talent in the workforce is growing

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