Candidate Engagement on Connectr: Our Impact in 2022 

Yasmin HowellUser Experience Researcher, Connectr


12th April 2023

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In late September 2022, we conducted our annual survey on our Connectr for Candidates users. This survey reached out to over 350 candidates engaging with major employers in engineering, law, and aviation industries via their Connectr platforms. Here is what we found: 

Connectr engaged and informed over 70% of candidates with relevant, interactive learning content 

Connectr customers can harness bespoke, plug & play and self-built learning content to demonstrate their mission, vision and values, ways of working and more. Our survey showed us what candidates thought of this content:  

  • 74% of respondents engaged with employer learning content 
  • 84% were either satisfied or very satisfied with learning content 
  • Our average task rating from users was 4.7 out of 5  

“I gave this rating because I believe that overall Connectr is a splendid platform where students regardless of their social class background are given the same opportunities as other individuals belonging in different social classes, an equal opportunity to see where their current interests or passions take them.” – Connectr for Candidates User 

We helped candidates with applications, apprenticeships, career planning and more 

We examined the top themes of conversations reported by candidates who spoke to mentors via an employer’s Connectr: 

  • 43% of conversations related to applications for a role, including requirements, eligibility, how to apply and tips for succeeding.  
  • 19% of conversations explored opportunities available, including vacancies and early talent initiatives such as apprenticeships and graduate schemes.  
  • 26% explored the mentor’s personal journey into, and the daily life of their role, asking about their job satisfaction, challenges and ways of working at the company. 

And we turned that interest into actions 

  • 53% of respondents who used Connectr to learn about a company, went on to apply for a role, with a further 32% planning to apply for a role in the future. 
  • 10% of these applicants have already been offered jobs, and just under 60% are still in the application process.  

Candidates came away from Connectr with knowledge, confidence, and a plan. 

  • 73% said they felt more confident to apply for an opportunity at the company.  
  • 79% felt the understood the company better after using their Connectr. 
  • 63% said Connectr helped them to progress towards their career goals. 

Connectr customers are able to craft stand-out, personal candidate experiences that help connect them with candidates from early talent prospects, through to experienced hires.  The team at Connectr are constantly talking to candidates, employers and employees about their needs and challenges from the employment journey, you can keep up with all our latest insights by signing up to our newsletter. 

Yasmin HowellUser Experience Researcher, Connectr