How to retain your best people through tech.

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5th April 2022

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When we think of employee benefits, we usually think of salaries, insurance and gym memberships. But Connectr’s research shows things are changing: cultural and emotional values – and feeling included – are now more important to people than ever before.

Businesses urgently need to adapt their strategy to unleash – and retain – their people power.

The impact of Covid

The market is in flux. The ‘Great Resignation’ is leading to lots of employees rethinking their current company, switching careers or even starting their own business. But why?

The past 24 months have led people to view work through a new lens. Many are reassessing what they value most about their job. And the results of Connectr’s research show how just much these values have shifted since March 2020.

Culture and belonging matter

In 2021, we published our Belonging Research Report. It showed that emotional values, like culture and belonging, are now a priority for UK employees.

In fact, ‘feeling valued’ is now voted to be the second most important workplace benefit behind salary – which itself fell in importance by 7% last year.

What’s more, having role models jumped by 13% – something that wasn’t even reported with significance in our 2020 research.

There are now nearly as many workers who value ‘feeling supported and included’ (26%) as much as an annual bonus (29%).

It’s clear that employees are thinking differently in 2022 – and it’s up to companies to adapt in their employee offer if they want to retain their best people.

Engaging, empowering and retaining employees

Our research shows that driving belonging and inclusion is key to meeting the new priorities of employees. And will be crucial in ensuring your business maximises and retains your best asset to success – your people.

And the most powerful way to do this? Mentoring. With 97% of mentees saying they found their experience valuable, the stats speak for themselves.

Connectr’s mentoring technology creates a culture where all people feel valued and are included. Our employee platform provides a new way to form connections in today’s changing workplace, with smart mentor-matching functionality that unleashes your people power.

Find out how to transform your People strategy to maximise and retain your talent in 2022 by downloading your free copy of our report.