Dentsu International: What is ‘The Code’?


20th February 2020

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‘The Code’ is Dentsu’s flagship schools programme in partnership with Connectr. It’s reached over 12,000 students across the UK since it launched in 2017, and was selected as one of three key global programmes with an ambition to impact 100,000 students globally by 2020.

‘The Code’ is a digital skills programme that uses the best of Dentsu’s people, their experiences and their volunteering time. As a result, they inspire young people from diverse backgrounds, with a purpose to give them the tools to succeed in the digital economy.

One of the students who has taken part in ‘The Code’, Kaylem, shared his experience with us.

“Kaylem joined us for work experience through ‘The Code’ in July 2019, and has since had the opportunity to share his thoughts on building great work experience programmes on a panel we hosted with Connectr. When he asked to join us for another week of work experience in February 2020, we knew he would bring value, insights, and fresh energy to the team. Co-creating solutions with the next generation of leaders and enabling their voices to resound through our industry is a powerful catalyst that businesses need to actively support.” – Scott Sallée, Social Impact Manager.

A Student’s Review

“What an amazing week I have had here at Dentsu Aegis Network. I have met so many incredibly talented people who have been showing me the ropes. On my first day, I was welcomed by Scott Sallée, Social Impact Manager at Dentsu Aegis Network. I had a tour around the building, all seven floors! At first this was overwhelming, but fascinating.

Next, Scott introduced me to quite possibly the best team I have ever worked with – Ali, Rosie, Josh, Zoe, Marlon, Caro, and Kadeen, who are astounding at their jobs. I have never seen people who love their jobs so much, but that shows you how Dentsu employees are! They love what they do and have a passion for it. That’s why it’s been such an amazing place for work experience. You’re not only meeting people that love their jobs, but who will sit down, explain what they do, and why they got into the industry.

Throughout the week I have attended several meetings, and my favourite day was Wednesday. From lunchtime, I had back to back meetings. One was even in a different building – we had to run! That shows how hard people work to keep this business running. When you do slow down, Dentsu has amazing places to do so. They believe in agile working, which means being able to have the freedom and flexibility to work in different areas of the office.

On the Monday of my arrival, I was handed the Dentsu UK & Ireland Instagram account so that I could share my week for our clients and stakeholders. I had great fun running it. I introduced myself, did a tour of the office, and a Q&A.


Overall, this week has been so insightful. I’ve learnt new skills, and put them into practice. If I had to take away one thing, it would be the importance of Social Impact. I loved it before, but I love it even more now. It’s so important with everything that is happening in our world today. We all have a part to play.”

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