Meet Connectr’s Kickstarter, Janiel


23rd July 2021

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15 minutes

Connectr’s mission is to support talent of all backgrounds to succeed in their future careers. The implications of Covid have seen the employment prospects of young people hit particularly hard. The Kickstart Scheme directly supports 16-24 year olds who are at risk of long-term unemployment, through providing work placements to expand their skills, experience and confidence to springboard into their next role.

In May, we were delighted to have welcomed, Janiel, to the Connectr team who has joined as Digital Executive.

How did you hear about the Kickstart Scheme and Connectr?

The Covid lockdown was the most difficult time to apply for any jobs. It was my Work Coach who motivated me to apply for the Kickstart role with Connectr, as she believed the job matched the direction of my chosen career. I researched Connectr and the role further, and felt it was the right company for me to learn and grow.

What employability support did you receive in securing your Kickstart role?

The most important employability support I received was amending my CV, expanding my skillset, practicing for interviews. Throughout my job-hunting journey, I was introduced to different ways I can amend my CV to tailor it to the employer’s needs. I was encouraged to try different online programmes to widen my skillsets and I was given resources on how I can prepare myself for interviews.

What are your ambitions for your Kickstart role?

To discover what I truly enjoy, grow my knowledge of the industry, make new friends and network along my journey. One of my objectives is to increase my employability by learning from others and practicing professional work etiquette. Secondly, to continuously absorb new knowledge by getting involved in a range of different campaigns.

What are some of your highlights so far?

Connectr has been generous in giving me opportunities to grow and learn. My highlights so far include working on campaigns that have given me insight on effective outreach strategies, including advertising, recruitment and research. Another key highlight would be creating content on Connectr’s platform. Through my work on the platform, I have a better understanding of how website platforms are operated.

What advice would you give to other young people considering joining a Kickstart Scheme with an employer?

Starting a Kickstart role might be daunting and intimidating at first, but be brave and open. The Kickstart Scheme is there for you not the other way around. I was too shy and low in self-confidence to ask questions and speak my mind. Kickstart is the perfect opportunity to ask about the skills sets you want to learn and develop, and only when you make this clear is when your employer can provide further help.

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