Applicant to Employee – Maximising conversions through technology


16th February 2022

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20 mins



Young businessman holding cv talking to male black man potential employee hiring for job.

Applicant to Employee - Maximising conversions through technology

In a candidate market more competitive than ever, businesses need to maximise their conversion rates for applicants to hires. Download your free copy of Connectr’s recent session to find out how to use technology to improve your conversion rates in 2022.

Connectr’s recent session at Masterclassing’s Recruitment and Talent Virtual Event explored how to leverage technology to knock down the barriers employers face to ensure their candidates are not lost to an expensive, leaky bucket – and to competitors.

Voted as Expert of the Day by delegates, Connectr highlighted the four key steps to effectively turn your applicants into employees.

  • How to implement a ‘wrap around’ strategy to your existing ATS platforms that are costing you talent
  • How to avoid candidates ‘self-selecting out’ due to lack of visible representation in the business
  • How to avoid losing underrepresented candidates across the recruitment journey who are falling short due to limited experience or networks
  • How to maximise declined candidates to avoid losing future applicants or customers. Shifting your mindset to protect your employer brand and future pipeline – something your competitors are ignoring.


And don’t just take our word for it.

“Connectr covered a big topic. Would have loved more time to go more in-depth.”

“Good tips for recruiting with valid points around ATS.”

“This was really good, and I have reached out to Adam.”