Reducing the risk of candidate drop-outs: A practical eBook for HR practitioners


21st September 2022

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Reducing the risk of candidate drop-outs: Free eBook

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Did you know that 44% of job candidates have walked away from a job offer that they have already accepted this year?  

This is a key finding of research conducted by Gartner in June 2022 and comes at a time when many HR and recruitment professionals are struggling to fill vacancies in what remains the most competitive jobs market in UK history. 

Our eBook written for senior HR practitioners examines Gartner’s key research findings, and the steps businesses can take to ensure that candidates are engaged, happy, and well-motivated from the moment they are recruited. This is key to ensuring every pound spent on recruitment provides a strong return on investment. You’ll discover:

  • Gartner’s key insights into the current UK jobs market 
  • The cost of candidate drop-outs to businesses 
  • The reasons why drop-out rates are so high 
  • Proven tactics for reducing candidate drop-outs  
  • The importance of onboarding and preboarding  
  • How and why mentoring works 
  • Using tech to drive recruitment and retention 

This ebook is a must for every HR and recruitment professional responsible for finding and retaining candidates in today’s ultra-competitive labour market.