Delivering equity of progression to maximise retention and productivity for your talent


23rd March 2022

Read Time:

20 mins



Attractive young diverse woman hr manager talking and introduction company to job seeker.

Find out how to deliver equity of progression for your talent to boost retention and productivity in your organisation

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Connectr’s recent session at Masterclassing’s Diversity & Inclusion Workshop explored how to leverage technology to deliver equity of progression to drive up retention and productivity for all people.

The Great Resignation and slow DE&I progress had led to poor productivity and latent talent. But the stats show the firms putting their D&I strategy into practice are 25% more likely to have above industry average profits – they’re not only reaping the benefits of a diverse workforce, but also a better bottom line.

Voted as Expert of the Day by delegates, Connectr highlighted the three under-utilised tools to enable all talent to fulfil their potential, at scale, via tech:

  • The power of storytelling
  • Role models – at all levels
  • Mentoring with purpose, including reverse mentoring

And don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what delegates said:

“Great to know about the tech and a different angle to focus on progression of diverse talent.”

“Some great ideas around mentoring.”

“Insightful and correlates to a lot of work that we are already doing internally so it was great to see a structured presentation of the mentoring approach.”