Masterclassing Event – How to Engage your diverse talent groups


8th February 2023

Read Time:

20 mins



How to Engage your Diverse Talent Groups

Our Simon Reichwald led a discussion on the challenges companies face when trying to engage with their diverse talent groups.

We had an amazing time at the virtual Masterclassing event discussing how you can engage your diverse talent groups!

Here’s a sneak peek of the key learnings from the conversations:

  • Attraction and recruitment of talent continue to be challenges for employers, reinforcing all we hear in the media about continued low levels of unemployment and lack of skills available in the market
  • Lack of diversity data on employees is still too much of the norm, and to address this firms need to focus on building psychological safety so employees feel safe to share their data

If you want to find out more about the challenges companies are facing and how they’re solving them, you can download the slide deck and notes from the event by filling out the form above.