What does mentoring mean to real mentors?


19th October 2022

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25 Minutes

Woman talks passionately about mentoring to a colleague

Connectr research: What mentors think about mentoring

To understand what mentoring means to mentors who use Connectr’s digital platforms to support their future and existing colleague networks, we interviewed a number of fabulous mentors from our partners.

We’re committed to evidencing the successes of our customers who use our cloud-based digital mentoring platforms – Connectr for Employees and Connectr for Candidates – and demonstrate the benefits they are delivering.  

We recently spoke to a number of mentors who work for our customers including Thales, Atkins, and British Airways to find out exactly what they thought about their experiences.  

Our mentors told us what mentoring meant to them; why they got involved in programmes; when the support they provided to mentees was most useful, and the different types of guidance they provided.  

To hear what our mentors had to say about their experiences, download our full research report today.