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For Preboarding

Engage your new starters from job offer to day 1, reducing declines and reneges

Build a sense of belonging from the start with a unique preboarding experience that cuts down new employee's time-to-value and gives them a meaningful and memorable journey into your company.

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How can Connectr engage your new starters?

Our award-winning pre-boarding platform enables our clients, such as Atkins, British Airways, GSK, BDO, AWE and Cisco, to reduce declines and reneges, deliver a consistent and best in class candidate experience and reduce induction time – all using less internal resource.

Our talent technology enables your business to overcome these challenges by delivering relevant content to your new starters, in the moment of need, and allowing them an opportunity to engage with existing employees to better understand the culture and values of your business. You can also use it to promote events so your new starters continue their learning journey and ultimately join the business on day 1. This is all at scale and fully trackable with live reporting and data.

Our software gives your new talent unique, authentic insights and access to the answers they need to make you an employer of choice.

The power of pre-boarding


Reduction in declines and reneges


Increase in Glassdoor ratings


of induction time reduced

Key features

Timely, detailed insights

Timely, detailed insights delivered in bite-sized
chunks of multi-media interactive content about your
organisation, advice on your onboarding process
and what makes your culture unique. All of which can
be released over time to create consistent touchpoints
which your new starters. Activity is tracked and
reported on, so you know what new starters find most
useful and can set them up for success


Access to digital buddies and light touch mentoring

Access to digital buddies and light touch mentoring,
where individuals can choose from and connect
with a diverse range of your current graduates and
apprentices in the locations and disciplines they will
be working in. They can find out what it’s really like to
work there, get personalised advice and start to build
a sense of belonging before day 1. Freeing up Talent
teams by reducing the amount of inbound inquiries.


Promote and run events

Promote and run events with your new starters
to continue their learning journey about your
organisation and get them excited to starts. They can
easily register for events on the platform, and you can
see who has signed up.



Forums – enable new starters to connect and engage
with each other in an open forum space, this is also
a great way for you to start engaging with your
upcoming cohort and to share advice you have on
topics such as housing, travel and what to expect
from week 1.


How it works

  1. Free consultation

    We’ll work with you to understand your talent acquisition needs and how Connectr can support them.

  2. Set up

    We’ll help you implement Connectr and develop engaging content.

  3. Onboard users

    Attract or onboard your target audience, showcasing the benefits of Connectr’s candidate experience.

  4. Continued success

    We won’t disappear once you’re set up and your users are onboarded. You'll be allocated a dedicated UK based customer success manager to ensure you're getting a return on your investment.

Start tackling reneges and declines today

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What our trusted partners say

  • The Thales logo

    Our partnership with Connectr has been fundamental in ensuring an effective and engaging experience. It offers a consistent, accessible, preboarding experience for all new starters, enabling them to connect with buddies, build networks and join live sessions whilst accessing learning content.

    Eloise Allen, UK Talent Delivery Manager
  • The Connectr client partners have made working with Connectr a great experience this year and we do believe it has significantly aided our onboarding engagement and keep warm efforts. Ease of use, looks good, has been AWE branded (so looks like an extension of AWE's website), content customisable, Connectr client partners have been great.

    Helen, Future Talent Consultant
  • The Atkins logo

    It fills a gap in our Early Careers talent acquisition/ candidate experience process that we needed to fill and we know that young people want to connect with people in our organisation doing the job which we’re able to provide. Nothing in life is perfect, but I would score the Connectr team 10 out of 10 because they're everything you want from a supplier, a product and a team.

    Katherine, Head of Early Careers

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