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13th August 2020

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Supporting your employees returning to work after an extended period of furlough or leave is always a challenge, but with the world now working remotely, it’s even tougher.

Connectr’s HR platform was developed in partnership with leading behavioural scientists to instil a vital sense of belonging in both existing and prospective employees. This is essential, given that our research suggests that 80% of those who don’t feel as though they belong within a company are likely to leave within a year.

Leaving No-one Behind

Attraction and hiring may have dropped from the list of priorities over the last few months, but Connectr’s technology has never just been for growing a pool of talent. Your whole workforce needs to feel valued now more than ever before, and ensuring they are still developing and progressing within their roles is key. This can seem like a daunting task to deliver at scale, but we’re here to help with a personalised platform that is cost-effective, and proven to deliver results.

Leaving no-one behind means that we remain committed to making sure overlooked and under-represented members of society have equal and fair access to opportunities in the workplace and excel when they get there. These groups are now more at risk than before, but here’s what we can do –

The St. Giles Trust help over 25,000 people a year, including:

  • Vulnerable young people involved in, or at risk of, criminal exploitation
  • Services helping adults and young people facing unemployment and poverty
  • Vulnerable women and families
  • Prison and community-based support for people in the criminal justice system
  • Specialist support for adults facing complex barriers

At St Giles, the majority of their frontline services are delivered by people who have experience of disadvantages such as homelessness, involvement in gangs, a criminal record and substance misuse. Supporting their transition back to work, it’s imperative that they train their Peer Advisors to aid the community, and this is where we come in to help.

After they’ve completed their training, Peer Advisors can sometimes feel isolated and lacking in confidence. They need more support, and a structured programme to reduce their feelings of isolation. Connectr’s employee engagement platform has been implemented to provide that structured support, with digital mentors, training modules, forums, and more – which ultimately builds confidence for everyone.

The Research

Connectr’s research showed that employees place feeling valued as the second most important workplace benefit, beaten only by salary. 57% of employees are more motivated when they feel like they belong, and to deliver this you need to instil a sense of community.  Our HR platform offers peer mentoring, learning modules, and employee forums that help organisations to build greater cohesion amongst their workforce – all of which are proven to be effective measures to create a sense of belonging and increase productivity.

Be like Three

“At Three we have been using Connectr’s technology, to help with the on-boarding process of our recent hires. Through the online modules and digital mentoring it allows the candidates to get an insight into the culture of Three (something that we’re really passionate about!) – one of our recent graduates said that the insight into the culture is the main reason they didn’t accept any other offers.”

Three had a 100% retention rate of graduate talent.

A socially distanced world does not need to mean a socially distanced workforce.

As featured in Business Innovation Magazine.