Introducing Customer Connectr – An exclusive learning space for Connectr customers.

Talia King, Chief Product Officer, Connectr
TaliaChief Product Officer, Connectr


22nd March 2023

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This month we have officially launched our ‘Customer Connectr’, built on our Connectr platform and crafted to give our customers access to the combined knowledge and expertise of Connectr, in a digestible, self-serve format that can be accessed at any time. 

Curated learning resources 

Connectr customers have learning resources covering the breadth of the talent space, including toolkits, latest research, and best practices for engaging hard-to-reach audiences, building effective mentoring programs and maximizing the impact of their own Connectrs. We’ve got resources on: 

  • Engaging under 18s, over 50s and frontline workers 
  • Getting the most out of your mentors 
  • Tools for creating impactful learning content 
  • Guidance on demonstrating ROI 

Access to experts and inspiration 

In true Connectr style, there are also a range of Connectr experts from across the business available as mentors giving customers instant access to skillsets and knowledge they wouldn’t normally have, including researchers and product development gurus. Customers will be able to ask those incredibly niche questions in seconds, skipping long introductions and small talk to get the straight to the answer. We’ve also curated case studies, examples and inspiration from leaders and experts to help our customers build incredible candidate experiences and workforce mentoring programs.  

Video tutorials and step-by-step guides 

Our Customer Connectr is also packed full of in-depth video tutorials, how-to guides and answers to frequently asked questions to help new customers get up and running and existing customers to discover and explore new features as they are released.  

If you’d like to know more about Connectr, and how you could use our platform, experts and network to engage candidates, reduce reneges or develop talent then please get in touch! 

Talia King, Chief Product Officer, Connectr
TaliaChief Product Officer, Connectr