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Driving diversity in financial services

Mentoring technology that supports your team to success and breaks down the barriers holding back your talent

Solving the problems you're facing

Drive retention through belonging

Businesses are facing a challenging and highly competitive labour market. With the number of job vacancies outpacing unemployment, creating a culture of belonging has never been so important.

Attract and retain young talent

Millennial employees are pushing for social change and looking to their employers to help achieve this. Mentoring provides businesses with insight into younger employees’ values and priorities.

Improve socio-economic diversity

89% of senior roles in financial services are held by people from higher socio-economic backgrounds compared with 37% across the UK working population. Mentoring helps companies identify future leaders from all social backgrounds and break down the barriers to their success.

Satisfy investors

Growing numbers of investors are prioritising ESG factors to create a more inclusive society. They recognise that diversity broadens the talent pool and boosts productivity. Mentoring is key to enabling this and meeting investors’ ESG demands.

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Delivering impact and success


of employees would stay at their company longer if provided with learning and development


of businesses report an increase in productivity due to mentoring


of businesses report mentoring has a positive impact on profits

Why Connectr for financial services?

The financial services sector is rapidly changing.  Many businesses are now on a journey to improve diversity, creating inclusive cultures that lead to increased creativity, innovation, and profitability. Connectr for Employees is mentoring software designed to make it simple to set up impactful programmes that connect people at all levels, and from all backgrounds.

Our industry-leading mentoring software is a powerful tool for every financial services company which is committed to meeting and exceeding its diversity and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets. Diversity is good for people and good for business.

The business case for mentoring

Effective mentoring equips mentees with advice, wisdom, and encouragement, as well as new skills and institutional knowledge, helping them become more productive employees. Feedback and guidance from mentors are both crucial to improving motivation and productivity levels, driving growth and profitability.

Connectr provides mentees with access to personalised, interactive content that is tailored to their unique learning journeys and is fully supported, around the clock.

Digital mentoring drives upskilling which is vital for career progression and ongoing high performance.

Mentoring software built for your business

  1. Fits your brand

    Our platform is built to your brand colours, logo and imagery, so it fits seamlessly into your ecosystem.

  2. Sign in from anywhere

    Connectr is accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, across a range of browsers. We take accessibility seriously, so no one misses out.

  3. Measure impact with ease

    Connectr provides in-depth reporting, so you can track the success of your mentoring programme at the touch of a button.

  4. Private and compliant

    Connectr is built in accordance with GDPR and is audited by an external data protection officer. We take peoples’ privacy seriously.

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What our trusted partners say

  • The Cisco logo

    We loved working with the MKF team, they were integral in our success

    Jennifer Connors
  • The Atkins logo

    Connectr is a great tool that is always evolving and helps our prospective candidates connect with us and find out more about us, as well as supporting those who receive an offer for one of our 3 streams of early careers recruitment. It fills a gap in our candidate experience and engagement that we needed to fill and we know that young people want to connect with people in our organisation doing the job which we're able to provide. Working with the Connectr team has been excellent from day one, they provide support and are always available to help when we need them. The Connectr team provide fantastic support and are always available when we need them.

    Katherine, Head of Early Careers
  • Heathrow Logo

    I was so impressed with Connectr. From choosing my mentor to reading the material and completing the activities, the whole process was seamless. I have a lot more confidence now, and I secured a secondment in my team as a Business Change Support Co-ordinator. I can honestly say that it has sparked something in me to re-address my whole life – not just at work, but in my personal life too. It changed my whole life for the better.

    Rachel Parker, Heathrow Mentee

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