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Join the Green Skills Workforce Coalition

With 60+ like minded employers from a cross-section of industries. Be part of the solution, whilst solving your business' green skills gap.

Employer coalition to tackle UK green skills gap

The Green Skills Workforce Coalition seeks to solve a looming green skills gap. The Coalition was launched by Connectr alongside internationally renowned research firm Nesta, 60 of the UK’s largest cross-sector employers, and the Careers & Enterprise Company.

The common goal: provide employers with sufficient green skills to make Net Zero by 2050 a reality.

The challenge: Research confirms a green skills crunch in almost every sector between 2024 and 2025, requiring both reskilling, but also new entry-level roles. And while 72% of those currently in education would accept a lower salary to work in a job related to the environment, Nesta’s research shows that less than 7% of students know which employers will offer green jobs.

The solution: The Coalition aims to close the gap between employers and students, working in partnership to provide an ecosystem to engage and pipeline our future workforce into future green jobs.

Act now on green skills


of 15-25 year olds want a career that won’t have a negative impact on the planet.


of business decision-makers believe that the country is heading towards a green skills shortage.


of businesses are currently recruiting for a green position

1. Join our Green Skills Workforce Coalition: reserve your attendance for our ‘Legacy’ breakfast. Join 100 green skills ambassadors, preview pre-release research, and take collective next steps. Contact us to reserve your place.


2. Contribute to our Research strand, led by PwC: your voice will carry weight and recognition in a UK and Europe-wide report, published in Q4 2023.


3. Take action now. Support schools & teachers prepare and pipeline students into your industry, your company, and into green careers. Contact us to join the Green Skills Partner Schools Programme launching September 2023.

What our trusted partners say

  • We have a key role to play in helping to deliver Net Zero by 2050, and it is estimated that 400,000 new jobs will need to be filled by the energy industry to get there. This Coalition will be vital to addressing the need for access to skills development and educating young people. We have committed to working with 100,000 pupils – across a diverse range of backgrounds in London – to cultivate talent for the future and support the green transition.

    Sarah Harris, External Affairs Manager
  • It fills a gap in our Early Careers talent acquisition/ candidate experience process that we needed to fill and we know that young people want to connect with people in our organisation doing the job which we’re able to provide. Nothing in life is perfect, but I would score the Connectr team 10 out of 10 because they're everything you want from a supplier, a product and a team.

    Katherine, Head of Early Careers
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    Our partnership with Connectr has been fundamental in ensuring an effective and engaging experience. It offers a consistent, accessible, preboarding experience for all new starters, enabling them to connect with buddies, build networks and join live sessions whilst accessing learning content.

    Eloise Allen, UK Talent Delivery Manager

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