Attract, hire and retain diverse talent in today’s challenging market

Technology that creates a sense of belonging with candidates and employees

What is Connectr for Candidates?

Connectr for Candidates (CFC) is our award-winning candidate engagement technology platform. CFC enables our clients, such as Atkins, British Airways, GSK, BDO, AWE and Cisco, to hire more diverse talent, improve conversion rates and reduce declines and renege rates through personalised pre and onboarding all with a lower cost per hire and less pressure on their internal resource.

The challenges around hiring talent remain key for all firms, especially when it comes to sharing skills and meeting DE&I targets.

Connectr for Candidates enables businesses to overcome these challenges, by delivering relevant content to candidates and new starters, at the moment of need, and allowing them an opportunity to engage with existing employees to better understand the roles, culture and values of your business, all at scale and fully trackable with live reporting and data.

Our software gives your new talent unique, authentic insights and access to the answers they need to make you an employer of choice.

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The power of mentoring your candidates


How much more likely Connectr users are to get the job.


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How much Connectr has reduced candidate renege rates for our partners.

Key features

Mentor Support

Limitless, light-touch mentoring

Your candidates can access your existing talent, in the roles / offices they could be working in, to support and inspire. Showcase current and diverse role models and begin to build a sense of belonging before they even start work with you. Reduce the huge pressure on your internal resource responding to and supporting candidates, through Connectr’s digital, light-touch mentoring.

Learning Content

Inform and Upskill your candidates

Provide candidates with insights about your company, through interactive and engaging content, and upskill candidates at every stage of your recruitment process, so they all can be set up for success. Agile learning around the clock, in digestible bite-sized chunks.

Choose from our bank of content created by industry experts, or use your own.

And for those offered a role, deliver a consistent pre-boarding experience so they are set up for success on day 1, with relevant, interactive content, and live data reporting to flag potential flights risks, plus reduce induction times by feeding content to new starters.


Build a community of new starters

Forums enable your new starter community to connect with each other in real time and in a safe, managed space, further building belonging that inspires and retains your future employees, whilst again reducing internal resource demands.

Jobs and Events

Showcase and bring to life job opportunities to your own talent pool

As vacancies ‘go live’, showcase them to your talent pool on your Connectr for Candidates platform, to drive down cost per hire. Use the event functionality to promote and deliver sessions with certain groups within your talent pool to bring the roles & firm to life, whilst for your new starters promote and deliver sessions ahead of day 1 to further excite and inform them.


Track engagement and impact in real time

Real time insights into: candidate engagement levels and the needs of different diversity groups; which content has been accessed and what not; interaction levels with existing talent and who is most in demand; the attraction sources which have built your talent pool, and for those offered roles flag flight risks, all at the touch of a button.

How it works

  1. Free consultation

    We’ll work with you to understand your talent acquisition needs and how Connectr can support them.

  2. Set up

    We’ll help you implement Connectr and develop engaging content.

  3. Onboard users

    Attract or onboard your target audience, showcasing the benefits of Connectr’s candidate experience.

  4. Continued success

    We won’t disappear once you’re set up and your users are onboarded. You'll be allocated a dedicated UK based customer success manager to ensure you're getting a return on your investment.

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What our trusted partners say

  • Cisco Logo

    We loved working with the Connectr team, they were integral in our success

    Jennifer Connors
  • British Airways logo

    The platform is simple but effective and very easy for students to navigate – as well as for us as clients to use and create content for. The site has become a key part of our student engagement activity and a vital way for us to track and keep students we meet at career events engaged with our company - particularly through the modules feature. Having the dashboard/reporting access is extremely useful and important for us, as is the mentoring function, providing a safeguarded link between connecting students with our colleagues.

    Sam, Emerging Talent Partner Strategic Resourcing - People Partnering
  • The Vodafone logo

    Easy candidate engagement with relevant modules & ability for them to engage with our current employees. Information for us, as employers, is also displayed in an easy to follow manner.

    Kaneesha, Youth Attraction and Recruitment Lead
  • Thales Logo

    Our partnership with Connectr has been fundamental in ensuring an effective and engaging experience. It offers a consistent, accessible, preboarding experience for all new starters, enabling them to connect with buddies, build networks and join live sessions whilst accessing learning content.

    Eloise Allen, UK Talent Delivery Manager

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