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Early Talent

Technology that helps you engage, inspire and upskill diverse talent.

Connectr for Early Talent creates the success stories of tomorrow.

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Why Connectr for Early Talent?

Built by experts

Connectr has been developed by experts in technology, talent acquisition and mentoring.

Built with your brand in mind

Connectr takes on your brand colours, logo and imagery, so it fits seamlessly into your ecosystem.

Built with early talent in mind

Connectr is accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, across a range of browsers. We take accessibility seriously, so no one misses out.

Built with your business in mind

Connectr provides in-depth reporting, so you can live track the success of your campaign at the touch of a button.

Built with privacy in mind

Connectr is built in accordance with GDPR and is audited by an external data protection officer. We take your early talent’s privacy seriously.

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Technology that inspires the success stories of tomorrow


Mentor-Mentee messages sent during a single work experience week.


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virtual event registrations in a single work experience week.

Key features

Learning Content

Upskill your early talent

Choose your content from Connectr’s library of pre-built learning modules to inspire and upskill your future talent to kick-start their careers.



Scalable digital events

Inspire your early talent with engaging digital and in-person company events, accessed through Connectr’s Events hub.



Build a community of talent

Forums enable your early talent community to network in real time, leverage the power of peer-to-peer and set them up to succeed.



Light-touch, limitless mentoring support

Digital Buddies deliver personalised, light-touch mentoring support to your early talent. Create a sense of belonging from the start, whilst inspiring and supporting young people with visible and accessible industry role models.



Track success in real time

Monitor user journeys and measure the success of your campaign at the touch of a button, so you can develop your attraction and engagement campaigns to meaningfully inspire the next generation of talent.


How it works

  1. Free consultation

    We’ll work with you to understand your talent needs and how Connectr can support them.

  2. Setup

    We’ll help you implement Connectr and develop any content.

  3. Onboard users

    Reach out to your target audience, showcasing the benefits of Connectr for inspiring the next generation of talent.

  4. Continued success

    We won’t disappear once you’re set up and your users are onboarded. Our team are here to ensure you and your people are always getting the most out of Connectr.

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