Employee Engagement

Connectr For Employees gives your people the power to drive their own growth through mentoring.

A new way to form connections.

Screenshot of the homepage on Connectr for Employee Engagement. This shows the users relationships, goals, upcoming meetings and upcoming modules

Why Connectr for Employee Engagement?

Built by experts

Connectr is built by experts in user experience, behavioural science, and mentoring.

Built with your brand in mind

Connectr is built to take on your brand colours, logo, and imagery – making it fit seamlessly into your organisation’s ecosystem.

Built with all people in mind

Connectr is accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop across a range of browsers. We take accessibility seriously, so no one misses out.

Built with you in mind

Connectr provides in-depth reporting so you can see the success of your mentoring.

Built with privacy in mind

Connectr is built in accordance with GDPR and is audited by an external data protection officer. We take your users’ privacy seriously.

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Did you know?


of employees would stay at their company longer if given opportunities to learn and grow.


of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring.


of businesses reported mentoring had a positive impact on their profits.

Key features

Smart Matching

Create better connections

Our matching algorithm uses data provided by users, including their aims, experiences and personality traits to accurately recommend mentor matches that will provide the most bespoke support.​

Mentees are put in the driving seat of own their development. They use our recommendations and filtering system to find the best person for their needs.


Meeting Scheduling

Meet on your terms

Users can schedule meetings that link to their calendar of choice, allowing seamless integration of Connectr into their day-to-day.

Connectr offers helpful resources on best practice for mentoring meetings, ensuring both mentors and mentees get the most out of the relationship.


Resource Hub

Personalised content

Our resource hub provides a space for pre-built or custom-made content to support mentees and mentors with all aspects of a mentoring relationship.​

Choose from our bank of content created by industry and mentoring experts, or we can support you in shaping your own content into Connectr’s interactive learning style.



Beautiful reporting in real time

Our live reporting dashboard gives you instant access to crucial data for tracking both the scale and impact of your programmes.​

Connectr’s reporting allows you to understand user sentiment, goal attainment, and engagement rates – all without looking at a single spreadsheet.


How it works

  1. Free consultation

    We’ll work with you to understand your needs and how Connectr can support them.

  2. Set up

    We’ll support you in the implementation of the product and the development of any content.

  3. Onboard users

    Reach out to your target audience, showing them the benefit of mentoring and announcing the new platform.

  4. Continued success

    Once you’re set up and your users are onboarded we won’t go away - we’re here to ensure you’re always getting the most out of Connectr.

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