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Launch, scale and track your mentoring programme with our agile platform that enables you to maximise, retain and progress your people.

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How can Connectr maximise your existing talent?

Connectr’s mentoring software enables firms to address employee engagement, retention of talent, the challenges of future skills, and progression all with equity and fairness.

Most firms run mentoring but they are often small-scale and require fair amount of resources, good mentoring technology enables scale and less resources to run it. Employees who feel invested in are more likely to feel engaged and stay. Equity of opportunity leads to greater productivity. These two elements play a key role in creating a culture where everyone wants to do their best work.

Connectr have re-imagined mentoring technology through ‘mentoring in the moment of need’ you can enable the expertise and skills that exist within your people to be accessible & shared across your organisation. Crucially, Connectr’s platform means that employee engagement and retention can be tracked and measured, live and at ease.

We are also the first mentoring technology software to partner with the Learning Performance Institute to bring more value to its members, if you are an LPI member do let us know!

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The magic of mentoring


of employees would stay at their company longer if provided with learning and development.


of businesses report an increase in productivity due to mentoring.


of businesses report mentoring has a positive impact on profits.

Key features

Smart Mentor Matching

Create better mentoring connections through science

Accurate matching is key to mentoring success. That’s why Connectr’s smart matching algorithm uses data provided by your people, including their aims, experiences, strengths, skills and personality traits, to accurately recommend mentors who can maximise their development and progression.

But, we’re all about limitless connection. That’s why users always have the freedom to choose the mentors they connect with.

Meeting Scheduling

Meeting Scheduling and Instant Chat

Your people can schedule meetings that link to their calendars, allowing seamless integration of Connectr into their day-to-day.

Mentees and mentors can set editable recurring meetings for in-depth engagement, and when quick questions arise, users take advantage of Connectr’s in-platform live messaging to stay connected.

Mentoring in the moment of need

Share skills across your teams

Our mentoring platform enables individuals within your organisation, access to experts across your business for short informal learning. So key skills are not just kept but spread across the company and your underrepresented talent gets the recognition they deserve.

Your mentors are in control

Giving mentoring the flexibility to succeed

We know you people are busy and you won’t want to overload them, so mentors can control their availability. Whenever they have a busy period or are matched to enough mentees, they can make themselves unavailable to new contacts, whilst continuing to support those they agreed to be matched to.


Personalised mentoring content

Connectr’s modules provide a space for pre-built or custom-made content to train mentors, assist in learning and development, or deliver core company messaging.

Choose from our bank of content created by our mentoring experts, or let us help you shape your own material.

How it works

  1. Free consultation

    We’ll work with you to understand your mentoring needs and how Connectr can address these.

  2. Setup

    We’ll help you implement Connectr for your business and develop your mentoring content.

  3. Onboard users

    Reach out to your people, showcasing the benefit of Connectr’s mentoring technology for their development and progression.

  4. Continued success

    We won’t disappear once you’re set up and your users are onboarded. You'll be allocated a dedicated UK based customer success manager to ensure you're getting a return on your investment.

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What our trusted partners say

  • Phoenix Group Logo

    Phoenix Group’s purpose is to help people secure a life of possibilities, and we want to make sure all our colleagues have the opportunity to learn, develop and grow. Mentoring has a huge role to play in that and Connectr’s agile platform enables our colleagues to connect, share their expertise and knowledge and build relationships. Whether this is mentoring in their moment of need, or over a longer period of time, we want all our colleagues to choose mentoring on their terms and to feel supported at every stage of their journey with us.

    Jo Szulikowski, Head of Talent Development
  • Heathrow Logo

    I was so impressed with Connectr. From choosing my mentor to reading the material and completing the activities, the whole process was seamless. I have a lot more confidence now, and I secured a secondment in my team as a Business Change Support Co-ordinator. I can honestly say that it has sparked something in me to re-address my whole life – not just at work, but in my personal life too. It changed my whole life for the better.

    Rachel Parker, Heathrow Mentee

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