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The Connectr to unexplored multigenerational & diverse talent

We are a candidate focused business, the candidates we find for you are not sourced from the same stagnant talent pools and critically the candidates we source stay longer. Bespoke, end-to-end talent acquisition campaigns from early talent to experienced hires

Why us?

We set new standards and encourage new approaches to talent acquisition, often tapping into overlooked talent, that enables our clients to recruit the best & most diverse new employees.

Whether you’re scaling up and need expert resource, cyclical cohort hiring, lacking diversity in your hires or seeing the same job hoppers –  our approach is to fish in different pools, proactively sourcing talent that would not normally consider your offer and delivering a candidate experience that is second to none. The results lead to higher than average conversion rates, employees stay longer and get promoted. Whatever your requirements we always work in partnership with you delivering a tailored solution shaped to you.

We know where to look when it comes to targeting diverse talent; what the right level of screening and process is needed; how to design a robust but  candidate friendly application process; advising on the most appropriate final stage selection, managing offers to maximise offer acceptance and reduce reneges. All whilst delivering a highly personalised candidate experience. Plus advise on salary packages, pre and onboarding, learning and development to drive progression and retention.

Our Results

Between 2:1 and 3:1

Offer rate at final stage


of hires still there 12 months later

Speed to hire

5 weeks

Key Services

Tailored services

Providing a tailored service and process shaped for each client brief, and investing time getting to know the business and culture, so that the conversion rate at final stage selection is high, typically between 3:1 and 2:1.

Diverse Candidates

We go to market under your brand, where the candidates who apply are yours (unlike many other recruitment providers), and support you to re-position your roles in a way that will attract new and diverse candidates.

Proactive search

Proactively searching for candidates, who may not normally consider your offer, rather than just relying on advertising and putting the same type of candidate in front of you.

Expertise & Industry Knowledge

Providing a high touch, personalised candidate experience – crucial to compete for the best talent. Sharing market insights, data, and recommendations to support you as a client.

What our trusted partners say

  • Having explored various recruitment partners, we selected Connectr for a number of reasons, their bespoke tailored approach; taking the same care and attention to an individual vacancy as a cohort; and of course the results they deliver between a 2:1 and 3:1 candidate to offer rate. Our last recruitment campaign saw 100% attendance at assessment centre, with an interview to hire ratio of 38%, although if we had more direct hire roles available that could have been as high as 88% They say they are committed to candidate experience and they really are, the candidates tell me that they feel invested in, and supported. I would strongly recommend the Connectr Talent Acquisition team.

    Sebastian Weiss, Talent Acquisition Lead
  • A few years ago we were really struggling to fill entry level roles in our Reinsurance Operations Team. It was a natural decision to work with Connectr to devise a new recruitment strategy for these roles, given the success they have had in supporting us with our actuarial graduate and actuarial internship programmes. Connectr brought their bespoke tailored approach; focusing on the outcomes we were hoping for and supporting us on every step of the process. The candidate experience is also extremely important – successful candidates tell me they felt invested in, and supported throughout. The results speak for themselves; Connectr deliver roughly a 2.5:1 offer rate; our last recruitment campaign resulted in an interview to hire ratio of 42% (the ratio would have been greater if we had had more roles available). Retention of people through this programme has also been extremely high. I would strongly recommend the Connectr Talent Acquisition team.

    Andrew Murphy, VP Inforce Management, Europe
  • Here at Clarion, we recognise that a pipeline of talented Graduates and Apprentices is essential for our organisation’s successful future, and Charlotte’s team at Connectr are experts at sourcing great candidates for us to consider bringing on board our Development and Commercial programmes . Through collaborative work between Connectr and our own Talent Acquisition Team, I’m confident that all candidates experience a rewarding applicant journey, regardless of the outcome, and are consistently treated professionally, courteously, and with a human touch. Specialists within Connectr conduct sympathetic but rigorous candidate shortlisting, taking time to engage with the candidates so they present as well-informed, enthusiastic and engaged. It’s vital for us that candidates experience (and hopefully enjoy) a professional, robust and efficient assessment centre, so great steps are taken to design the various activities, as well as educate and inform our hiring managers.

    Pete Lawrence, Talent Acquisition Manager

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