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42% interview-to-hire ratio for hard-to-fill roles


Pacific Life Re


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PLRe were struggling to fill entry level roles in their Reinsurance Operations Team, causing challenges for the recruitment team and hiring managers alike.
This included lack of quality talent, high churn rates, and insufficient diversity.


Connectr and PLRe already had a great working relationship working on their Graduate Actuarial Programme. So together we devised a new recruitment strategy to find high quality, good fit candidates for these positions. We have successfully replicated this strategy for the Reinsurance Operations Team in the Toronto office of Pacific Life Re.


The results:

  • 42% interview-to-hire ratio for hard-to-fill roles
  • 2.5:1 Offer Rate
  • 70% Retention after 5 years

A few years ago we were really struggling to fill entry level roles in our Reinsurance Operations Team. It was a natural decision to work with Connectr to devise a new recruitment strategy for these roles, given the success they have had in supporting us with our actuarial graduate and actuarial internship programmes. Connectr brought their bespoke tailored approach; focusing on the outcomes we were hoping for and supporting us on every step of the process. The candidate experience is also extremely important – successful candidates tell me they felt invested in, and supported throughout. The results speak for themselves; Connectr deliver roughly a 2.5:1 offer rate; our last recruitment campaign resulted in an interview to hire ratio of 42% (the ratio would have been greater if we had had more roles available). Retention of people through this programme has also been extremely high. I would strongly recommend the Connectr Talent Acquisition team.

Andrew Murphy VP, Inforce Management, Europe Pacific Life Re | Europe