Employee Mentoring

Heathrow: Rachel’s story – “Mentoring changed my life for the better”







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Between late 2020 to early 2021, Connectr partnered with Heathrow to provide a pilot mentoring scheme for their people, focusing on diversity and inclusion.


  • Mentors were recruited via Heathrow’s four diversity working groups, supporting employees around gender, ethnicity, sexuality and disability.
  • The scheme was managed by Heathrow’s D&I Team and delivered through Connectr’s online mentoring tool.


Thanks to great feedback from their people – like Rachel, below – Heathrow relaunched the programme in December 2021, demonstrating their desire to invest in and empower their colleagues.

I was so impressed with Connectr. From choosing my mentor, to reading the material and completing the activities, the whole process was seamless. “I have a lot more confidence now, and I secured a secondment in my team as a Business Change Support Co-ordinator. “I can honestly say that it has sparked something in me to re-address my whole life – not just at work, but my personal life too … It changed my whole life for the better.

Rachel ParkerBusiness Change Support Co-ordinator