Candidate Experience

Three: Engagement and retention technology with a difference








Due to high competition and a location outside London, Three came to Connectr for support in keeping their graduate talent engaged and interested, and to identify any candidates who may be likely to drop out.

Understanding candidate engagement trends across the hiring journey is essential to nurturing and retaining future talent. This then informs a world-class hiring experience that maximises conversion, particularly between ‘yes to desk’, and maintains excitement and support for incoming hires – ensuring they are not lost to competition.

Connectr’s platform provided the perfect retention tool for Three.


Connectr’s platform allowed Three to assess the engagement levels of each graduate module, so they could identify which candidates were least engaged, find out why and take action to retain them. Conversation insights on the platform also allowed Three to plan how to engage future graduate talent.


  • 4.8/5 average module ranking
  • 85% of modules completed on average
  • 100% talent retention rate
  • 100%

    talent retention rate

At Three we have been using Connectr to help with the onboarding process of our recent graduate hires. Through the online modules and digital mentoring, the platform allows the graduates to get an insight into the culture of Three (something that we’re really passionate about!) – one of our recent graduates said that the insight into the culture is the main reason they didn’t accept any other offers.