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Wellcome: Candidate engagement technology with D&I at its core


Wellcome Trust


Biomedical Research




Wellcome strive for diverse cohorts on their graduate programme. Among others, one of the challenges they had was converting male applicants to offer, with only 21% of graduates joining in 2017–2019 identifying as male.

At Connectr, we understand the power of a diverse workforce in bringing variety of experience, avoiding ‘groupthink’, and driving a better bottomline – businesses that champion gender diversity have been reported to see 14% higher profits. Connectr’s technology enabled Wellcome to onboard a gender-equal graduate cohort.


By using Connectr’s candidate engagement platform, Wellcome were able to engage and hire more diverse group of graduates.

Connectr enabled them to use light-touch mentoring to support candidates across each stage of their application journey. In addition to this, Wellcome were able to use implemented module content and relevant topics to inspire and engage candidates throughout.


  • 42% of hires were male
  • 480 people used the platform
  • 18 mentors took part
  • 310 mentor interactions took place
  • All hires had a higher module completion rate than unsuccessful candidates.